I developed an aggressive form of prostate cancer that my urologist failed to diagnose for three years despite an elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen). His medical malpractice caused the cancer to spread outside of the prostate gland and now it's become terminal. The physicians at Malpractice Screening screened my case and determined exactly what the doctor did wrong. I recommend the doctors at MalpracticeScreening.com if you feel that you’ve been mistreated by your doctor. Not only did they determine what the doctor did wrong but they also found me a great lawyer.

Allen Bernstein

Mrs. Travato (75 years old), my wife, developed a rare form of cancer. Her oncologist treated her with a new type of chemotherapy but failed to recognize that my wife was having serious side effects from the drugs he was giving her. She developed pulmonary fibrosis and died a horrific death while on life support. The autopsy confirmed she died from the chemotherapy and the case is going to trial soon. The doctors at MalpracticeScreening.com were able to find me an excellent law firm and I highly recommend them if you’ve suffered from medical malpractice. They did a fantastic job screening and reviewing my wife’s records.

Mr. Travato

My wife was admitted to North Shore University Hospital of Forest Hills for poor blood supply to her left leg. The doctors performed a below the knee amputation and the stump became infected. The doctors then failed to diagnose this infection. My wife’s infection worsened severely and she died from septic shock. The doctors at MalpracticeScreening.com immediately figured out what the doctors had done wrong. I strongly recommend MalpracticeScreening.com. They reviewed my wife's chart and helped me find an outstanding law firm.

George Vihlstrand

I am a personal injury lawyer in Forest Hills New York and I specialize in medical malpractice. The physicians I have been using for over 20 years now have a new website, MalpracticeScreening.com. These doctors are not only brilliant in regards to medicine but have extensive experience in the legal process. They screen my cases, then the meritorious ones are carefully reviewed with a comprehensive report that includes the specific list of departures along with a detailed discussion of causation. They work with me throughout the entire litigation process including finding great experts should the case advance to trial. Their work is exceptional and they have been there for me 24/7. I strongly recommend that you use their website. This group of doctors have been indispensable. They’ve helped me settle and win over 95% of my malpractice cases.

Bruce Povman Esq.

My practice is located in the Bronx, New York. It’s a family law firm. Before I met the doctors at MalpracticeScreening.com I rarely took medical malpractice cases, but about 7 years ago we were introduced and from that point on my law firm has won virtually every malpractice case that they’ve screened. I highly recommend their new website.

James Newman Esq.

I am a former president of NYSTLA (New York State Trial Lawyers Association), I have a large law firm in Manhattan and also work in Pennsylvania. These doctors are incredible. They help me with my medical malpractice cases in both locations. I’ve been using their services for over 25 years and strongly recommend their new web site, MalpracticeScreening.com.

Nick Timko Esq.